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Turn customers into active users with smart content recommendation on your devices. The ironSource Aura platform empowers OEMs and carriers to build a relationship with their customers throughout the life cycle of the device.


Turn customers into active users. Incorporate dynamic content recommendation into your devices with the Aura platform, and stay in touch with your customers throughout the life cycle of the device.


Work with a single powerful partner for all your software and app needs, from monetization and analytics to engagement and distribution.


Leverage massive scale and tap exclusive supply. ironSource controls a huge amount of market supply. Benefit from our direct partnerships with tens of thousands of apps, leading global device manufacturers and major mobile carriers, and programmatic media buy technology to connect with your target audiences at scale.



IPM+ for Android uses innovative algorithms to intelligently manage power consumption in mobile phones and tablets.

It decreases the time to charge while maximizing the battery life. It works on mobile devices of many types, from Aakash Tablet to Samsung Galaxy S4, with battery savings of more than 50%.

IPM+ also improve device performance by cleaning up unused memory, and causes near zero battery leakage when the device is idle. (As an illustration, you can leave your tablet idle for 2 days without charging and continue to use with the same battery capacity as of 2 days earlier.)

We have seen that, with IPM+, the battery has lasted more than 3 times the normal in most of the models.