About ONYX

ONYX is in the business of Mobile, Software and Hardware technologies. We are involved in marketing, selling and distributing devices & software, as well as content and various mobile services.

In the past we invested heavily in sourcing manufacturing, logistics and supply networks in China. This enabled us to focus on supplying high quality goods at competitive prices, being quick to market, and innovative in our product range.

Through our international partners, ONYX is set to become a South African manufacturer and distributor  of smart phones and tablets in South Africa, and we will be using all our combined experience to manufacture a high end quality product.

Our front end operations – sales and customer service – are based in Johannesburg, South Africa, alongside our warehousing and distribution partners.

We know from experience that importing isn’t as straightforward as sending an email, paying your money and getting your goods! Due to local manufacture, all those issues will cease to exist – there will be no long turnaround of products, and issues due to international logistics and language barriers.