1. All warranties for ONYX products are serviced by our channel support partners.
  2. Customers will be required to bring in the ONYX product and all accessories directly to ONYX Randburg with a proof of purchase
  3. Your product is covered by a 1-year warranty from date or purchase.
  4. Once ONYX receives the unit, inspected the unit for any signs of physical damage and has confirmed the proof of purchase paperwork, ONYX will supply the customer with a job number which will be e-mailed and sent by SMS.
  5. If the unit is found to have physical damage to it or any tampering took place on the unit, this will be deemed to be in breach of warranty conditions and will not be accepted as a warranty repair or replacement. In this case a quote for repairs will be generated.
  6. After testing by ONYX, should the item be found faulty, ONYX shall repair, replace or credit the unit at their discretion. In the case of replacements, the unit will be replaced with an equivalent or latest model depending on model and stock availability as per (CPA) Consumer Protection Act requirements.
  7. If the unit is found to be without fault the unit will need to be collected by the customer.
  8. If not collected within 14 days of notification to collect, ONYX will close and scrap the job.
  9. All units must be delivered to and collected from ONYX.
  10. ONYX is not responsible for data, photographs or music stored on your device. All phones repaired will be restored to factory settings on repair.
  1. This warranty does not cover user manuals or any third party software, settings, content, data or links, whether included or downloaded in the product, whether included during installment, assembly, shipping or at any other time in the delivery chain or otherwise in any way acquired by you. ONYX does not warrant that any ONYX software will meet your requirements, will work in combination with any hardware or software provided by a third party, that the operation of any software will be uninterrupted or error free or that any defects in the software are correctable or will be corrected.
  2. This warranty does not cover:
    • Normal wear and tear (including, without limitation, wear and tear of camera lenses, batteries, displays or casing),
    • Defects caused by rough handling (including without limitation, defects caused by sharp items, by bending, compressing or dropping, etc),
    • Defects or damage caused by misuse of the product, including use that is contrary to the instructions provided by ONYX
    • Transport costs and/or
    • Other acts beyond the reasonable control of ONYX
  3. This warranty does not cover defects or alleged defects caused by the fact that the product was used with, or connected to, any product, accessory, software and/or service not manufactured, or supplied by ONYX, or was used otherwise than for its intended use. Defects can be caused by viruses from your or from a third party unauthorized access to services, other accounts, computer systems or networks, This unauthorised access can take place through hacking, password mining or through a variety of other means.
  4. This warranty is not enforceable if the product has been opened, modified or repaired by anyone other than an ONYX Authorised Repair Center, if it is repaired using unauthorized spare parts or if the accessory date code or the [ME] number has been removed, erased, defaced, altered or are illegible in any way and this shall be determined in the sole discretion of ONYX.
  5. This warranty is not enforceable if the product has been exposed to moisture, dampness or to extreme thermal or environmental conditions or to rapid changes in such conditions, to corrosion, to oxidation, to spillage of food or liquid or to influence from chemical products.
  6. ONYX is not responsible for any data, music or photographs stored on your product. Please make sure you have backed up your information prior to sending your product for repair.

A third-party independent operator provides the SIM card and cellular and/or other network or system on which the product operates. Therefore, ONYX will not accept responsibility under this warranty for the operation, availability, coverage, services or range of the cellular or other network or system. Before ONYX can repair or replace the product, the operator may need to unlock any SIM-lock or other lock that may have been added to lock the product to a specific network or operator. In such situations kindly contact first your operator to unlock the product. All products submitted/delivered/couriered for repairs need to be in a padded envelope or secured box and include all the following items: the device, battery, cable, charger, earphones all placed back into the original packaging. It’s important to include the original receipt or invoice.

Please ensure that all usernames, passwords and/or unlock patterns are provided.

Your product is a sophisticated electronic device. ONYX strongly encourages you to familiarize yourself with the user guide and instructions provided with and for the product on our website – www.onyx-international.co.za. Please note that the product might contain high precision displays, camera lenses and other such parts, which could be scratched or otherwise damaged if not handled very carefully.

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Through our international partners, ONYX is set to become a South African manufacturer and distributor  of smart phones and tablets in South Africa, and we will be using all our combined experience to manufacture a high end quality product.


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